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Urban morphological theory   Michael Conzen

Urban morphology as the science of urban form

The development of a general theory

The formation of morphological knowledge and the collection of empirical evidence

Urban morphological methods and techniques   Karl Kropf

Defining and representing the elements of urban form

Controlling the formation and transformation of urban form

Qualitative and quantitative methods

The evolution of urban form   Terry Slater

The development of medieval and early modern towns

Comparisons and evolution of nineteenth and twentieth century urban landscapes

Comparative chronologies of plan forms across culture areas

The transformation through time of urban types

Agents of change   Michael Barke

Developers, property owners, architects and the 'public'

Politicians and planners

Processes of urban transformation

Revisiting urban morphological classics   Giancarlo Cataldi

What is a classic in urban morphology? 

The preceding conceptual sources of classics in urban morphology

The influence of classics on contemporary thinking

Multidisciplinarity in urban morphology   Teresa Marat-Mendes

Bringing together separate disciplines    

The formation of new areas of knowledge

The dynamic interaction between urban form, water and/or green spaces

Comparative studies of urban form   Jeremy Whitehand

Comparing different morphological schools and approaches

Comparing the application of morphological concepts in different geographical contexts

Urban form in multi-cultural environments

Integrated approaches   Kai Gu

The composite structure of urban form

Urban form complexes as morphological regulators 

Methods of analysing urban form and its structural elements

Geographical and historical integrated approaches

Teaching urban form   Peter Larkham

Urban morphological curricula in higher education institutions

Designing a curriculum on urban morphology

Urban morphological teaching in the context of other urban courses

The relations between research and practice   Ivor Samuels

How and where urban morphology is being used successfully in practice

Understanding the application of urban morphology in a range of relevant professions

The prescription of future changes through design guidance, codes and plans at different scales

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